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IT Solutions
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Banking & Financial Services

Cloud computing increases the efficiency in the industry. Usage of cloud technology is an added advantage in banking and finance sector. Digitalizing the services will allow the banks and financial institutions to build up an infrastructure to provide the best and appropriate service to the customers.

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Connecting buildings across a campus or around the world as easy as plugging into the internet.  United Communications, Contact Center, Collaboration and Data are only a connection away.  See how easy it is to transform your institution.

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Energy & Utilities

People rely on energy.  That is why power and utility companies rely on the cloud for critical applications such as voice and data.  It's time you transform your utility contact us today.

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You don't have to build your tech from the ground up. EPIC helps teams build, run, and authorize cloud-ready or legacy government systems quickly and cheaply. We work with FedRAMP authorized suppliers which means it complies with federal security requirements. Contact EPIC Today


Cloud manufacturing is a new manufacturing paradigm developed from existing advanced manufacturing models and enterprise information technologies under the support of cloud computing, Internet of Things, virtualization and service-oriented technologies, and advanced computing technologies.

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Today’s healthcare organizations have to focus on a lot more than the health of their clients. The infrastructure it takes to support clinical care delivery continues to expand, with Information Technology being one of the most significant contributors to that growth. As companies have become more dependent on technology for their clinical, administrative, and financial functions their IT departments and expenditures have had to scale quickly to keep up. This rapid growth creates a blurred line as healthcare organizations act as part healthcare provider and part technology company.  

However, as technology demands have increased, so have the options for reliable infrastructure for IT applications and data storage. The one that has taken center stage over the past few years is the concept of “The Cloud.” By the end of 2019, it is expected that well more than 80% of companies will be using the cloud in some way to support their organization. So, what is it about the cloud that is so appealing? Are there advantages of cloud computing in healthcare that can propel your organization forward? Contact EPIC today for a FREE evaluation.

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