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Why Choose EPIC as your TrustedTechnology Advisor

Three problems business technology leaders face.

  1. Lack of knowledge of the services they currently have.

  2. Lack of visibility into the current services.

  3. Lack of cost control and containment. 

Digital Transformation makes for a much better business experience and exceeds your changing needs for the future.

We help businesses update to fast digital cloud technology platforms to:

  • Lower costs and support

  • Increase efficiency

  • Establish disaster recovery

It’s a WIN – WIN – WIN

Digital Transformation reduces reliance on user owned hardware and software which is: 


  • Expensive to own

  • Expensive to keep updated

  • Expensive to maintain 

  • Expensive to support


We review with you and your teams which services are the best for your business to enhance your capabilities to better meet your needs.  This is done so your business always stays current and you can now start focusing on what matters most, your business. 


10 Reasons why customers partner with us as their Trusted Advisor.

  1. We are in it for a long-term relationship not a short-term gain

  2. We put our clients interests in front of others.

  3. We are genuinely interested in our clients and there business.

  4. We work really hard to understand our clients underlying needs not just wants.

  5. The solutions presented work – We say what they do, they do what we say. 

  6. We have credible references that will state the same. 

  7. Trust is most important - If people like you, they’ll listen to you but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you.

  8. We connect with our clients using examples, visual aids, analogies, and stories to present solutions that meet and exceed their needs. 

  9. We are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do.

  10. We are authentic, genuine, and here to help you solve your problems fast.



What we do

  1. We quickly develop and create a snapshot of what your business has in place today.

  2. We design forward thinking solutions with leading cloud platform experts to establish a business roadmap.

  3. We present solutions illustrating your future state. 

  4. We deliver business value through fast & cost-effective solutions to transform the way your business operates.

  5. We align business and IT with new operating models to better service your business and your customers.

  6. We shift people's mindsets and behaviors across the enterprise to help achieve your business transformation vision. 

  7. We identify new opportunities for your company to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  8. We provide an IT cost savings and give you the ability to scale up or down and only pay for only what you use.

  9. We increase your speed to market, allow your business to collaborate and communicate better than ever, improve the security and connectivity of your organization, allow your customers to connect with your company, and create backups of your data in a secured medium for instant disaster recovery… and 

  10. We are a Free service to your organization. 


Our success is measured by your success which is the most important responsibility as your Digital Transformation Specialist.


We live by the Golden Rule and we Love Life!


We look forward to doing business with your organization. 




Robert J. Roach


Epic Systems Corporation


With over 30+ years in the digital technology marketplace owning and operating one of the first internet companies, operating a unified communications, data networking company, and creating an on-demand, service social media networking platform using the latest services and technologies. We currently work with customers in manufacturing, financial, insurance, healthcare, higher education, state and local government, and everything in between.

We are Experts in Contact Center, Enterprise Voice Communications, Networking and Data Centers.

It's time you purchase technology in a much better way - Use the same methods as our largest clients giving you a competitive edge over your competition. 


We can help you with all of your communication and IT needs. 

We have an Extensive partner portfolio representing over 275 of the top suppliers in the market today.


We build Strong Relationships with both our clients and our suppliers so that your organization can take part in the global buying group ensuring you get competitive pricing, terms and service levels that you expect.


We leverage subject matter experts directly from the suppliers across a variety of disciplines to provide unparalleled advice. 

We redesigned the technology purchasing process to arm decision makers with the relevant information needed to evaluate the investment and gain approval quickly and efficiently.

We accomplish this by enabling us as your Advisor to act as a “concierge” guiding our clients through the evaluation and purchase process.

By offering multiple solutions from leading partners we empower our team in a way that ensures our clients receive valuable guidance throughout the purchasing process.


With technology moving at such a rapid pace decision makers suffer from information overload with too many choices. So we decided to make this simple to make an informed technology purchasing decision to lower and justify the costs of technology investments. 

The traditional process of selling is limited so we decided to change it and make it user friendly we now have partnerships with over 275 Communications and Data Cloud Companies so we help you in vetting and selecting the services that best suits your needs. 

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