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Unified Communications as a Service


Cloud Phone Systems 

Think Differently About Cloud Phones


As cloud architecture gains momentum in a variety of IT applications, phone systems are yet another way companies may be able to leverage a cloud solution. In addition to offering robust feature sets, cloud phones can also provide a number of additional services not often associated with traditional phone systems. Empowering companies with a host of benefits spanning improved flexibility, enhanced call quality and greater affordability, cloud phones deliver.


When It Comes to Cloud Phones, The Right Advisor Makes the Difference For companies considering cloud PBX solutions or those interested in reevaluating their existing phone systems, getting an unbiased evaluation of options is important. This is where partnering with the right trusted advisor can make a difference.

With EPIC, not only do you benefit from objective insights into your business communication requirements, but you also receive solution-focused expertise geared toward tailoring the right communication solution to your unique business and end-user needs.


In addition, EPIC's long-standing partnerships with market-leading cloud phone providers mean you get the lowest-guaranteed pricing on best-in class solutions without being locked into a long-term contract.

What you receive with Cloud PBX

Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of innovations in cloud communications, especially when it comes to their phones. Whether you need to upgrade an older on-prem PBX, empower a remote workforce or get a more feature-rich unified communications solution, cloud phones could be the best answer.

  • Call Management and Phone System Administration

  • Unlimited Conferencing, Internet, fax and Business SMS

  • Phone Rental Option: Desk and Conference Phones

  • Automatic Call Recording

  • Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

  • Multipoint Mobile and Desktop HD Video Conferencing

  • Call Log Reports

  • Multi-Level Auto Attendant

  • Unlimited Calling

  • Online Meetings for Mobile and Desktop

  • Inbound Caller ID

  • Integrations with Microsoft Office and Outlook, Google, Box and Dropbox

  • Toll-Free Minutes

  • Multipoint Mobile and Desktop HD Video Conferencing

  • HD Voice

  • Voicemail-to-Text

EPIC has every Cloud Based VOIP phone provider in the Gartner magic quadrant available to meet your needs, and a few more to meet those special requirements only a few vendors can provide.


Our experience in selling VoIP solutions is unmatched in the industry. We truly are the experts. We cover basic telephony, video, conferencing, collaboration, contact center and more. Our providers can meet both domestic and multi-national customer needs. Call us today for a free consultation

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